Use Spray Foam Insulation in your New House

Let's build you a home you will love and be proud to show your friends. We build houses that have curb appeal as well as livibility. We want your house to be marketable should you decide to move-up, move-down, or move-on-down-the-road. It is not only important that your house lives well, but it must look great too. Remeber, I put my name on every house I build!

Twenty-five years experience

We work with an open invoice arrangement; you can see all the materials purchased and the actual cost of construction. You decide on any changes you want to make. We make building your new house fun and enjoyable.

Too often when you buy a house, you only see half a house. You do not see the foundation, studs, plumbing, and electrical components. When I build a house, I assure you it will be a 100% quality house. Dan Amon has a well deserved reputation in Georgetown for building a quality home and treating clients as a friend.

My former competitors are now my associates

Dan Amon is currently doing spay foam insulation and related services such as Attic vacuuming and cleaning. Plus for attics, Dan offers a fire-retardant spray foam insulation that does not require an ignition barrier. This saves money and time.


Daniel Amon, Home builder in Georgetown

Dan Amon, Custom Builder Georgetown, Texas