I have retired from building houses.

Everyone that knows me is aware of my fascination with spray foam insulation and the tremendous difference it makes in houses. I am Certified BioBased Spray Foam Installer.

After many years as a builder, I am changing careers to spray foam insulation: Biotex Foam website

People I used to view as competitors are now my associates and customers. I am happy with the move. I appreciate all the support my friends and clients have shown by choosing me to build their home. Should you need me, you can find me. I still have my name on your house, AmonHomes.

Ultimate insulated home might include Energy Star Cool Roof Shingles. These can be purchased and installed in the Georgetown / Austin area by Texas Traditions Roofing.

I always build 100% quality houses.

At Amon Homes, we use our building knowledge and resources to obtain the maximum house per dollar spent. Our reputation has been built on serving Georgetown citizens with careful planning, professional design, attention to detail and a commitment to excellence. This planning, attention to detail, and quality construction will be appreciated for the life of your house...and your house is made to last for a very long time.

We like to be involved with your home building project as early as possible. Many times I am able to suggest considerable cost-saving ideas that do not take from the quality of your house, but will save you a lot of money. Using a builder with many years of experience pays off.

When it is time to build the home of your dreams, I hope you choose Amon Homes. I have the experience and skill to transform your dream into a reality. Plus I know Georgetown, Texas. I have lived here and built many houses here. I know the many pitfalls that you can encounter building in this terrain.

I would recommend Dan Amon to anyone. The house he built us is solid, came in on time and exactly for the price he quoted. The only surprises were good sup rises.
-Bill Price
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...Dan understands, however, that it is your house that he's building, not his...
-Mike & Christine Vandergriff
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Dear Mr. Amon, When you game me prices and a building schedule, I was doubtful... Fortunately, I chose your company and could not be happier...
-Wayne Gattis
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..Amon Homes was recommended through word of mouth... ...Fortunately, we made the right choice and now have a home that we love.
-Brian and Christine Wickes
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...It turned out exactly what we wanted and in fact turned out better than we hoped...
-John & Carole Jebens
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...Dan was patient and helpful with every aspect along the way. If we were starting over, we definitely would call Dan.
-Marvin & Karen Ragsdale
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...What's not to love? Everything is perfect.
-Doug and Jana
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...Dan completely took the stress of home building away. We are completely satisfied with the total experience from introduction to closing...
-George and Jeri Gregory
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...We have and will continue to recommend Dan to our family and friends.
-J. & Adrienne Horton
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Dear Dan Amon, You built our house and we love it. A warm, spacious, well thought out floor plan for both entertaining and solitude. We thank your for being our builder...
-Diana and John Einwich
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Dan Amon did a tremendous job on our custom home. He was easy to work with and very responsive to all of our needs and concerns...
-Tom & Sally Brennan.
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